who we are

Who we are

dl bio composites (part of Dobulous Lifestyles Ltd) is a UK-based research, development and manufacturing company specifically working with bio composite materials to produce and sell environmentally friendly, hardwearing and attractive products of the future.

We are pushing the boundaries in the manufacture and production of low carbon based plastics, using ever increasingly sustainable materials. It is our aim to produce globally commercial products that disrupt traditional markets and solve the growing resource efficiency and end of life waste problem faced by many of the world's largest industries.

We already have a successful bio composite product on the market, which demonstrates the capabilities of bio composites as a flexible, high performance material that we believe can replace most plastics, wood and even light weight metal. We are now applying our experience and understanding of bio composites to the development of more complex products for a range of markets including construction, leisure and hospitality, energy and automotive.

If your business uses plastic, wood or light weight metal, contact us to find out about a greener, more sustainable alternative for the future.