what we do

composite living pod

dl bio composites is an innovative SME focussed on the development and eco-innovation of bio composite materials and products.

Our focus on bio composites comes after many years in the boat-building industry. Building luxury boats out of various toxic materials, we realised there was a piece missing in the plastic puzzle; the same technology process that could turn out beautiful panelling for yachts and catamarans could be used to turn out quality natural and sustainable products for future global markets.

What was needed was a product that has low-toxicity, is low carbon and is made from more sustainable and natural raw materials. So began our interest in bio composites. Since then we have continued to push the boundaries in bio composite development.

We have successfully developed the deepee, a modular temporary building system that demonstrates the feasibility of bio composites.

The next stage for our eco-innovation is to develop this existing capability for wider market commercialisation, with our current futurebuilt project focussing on the global construction industry.